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The Word Alive Unveil Autobiographical ‘The Runaway’ Video
Frontman, Tyler “Telle” Smith says, “The meaning of the lyrics behind the song are how music has been the anchor for our lives. Everyone goes through crazy shit from time to time and we all have found peace through music in those moments. We feel it’s important to write about what music can do, because it’s the most powerful thing we know. It changed our lives, and we hope people watch ‘The Runaway’ and feel that power music holds.”
‘The Runaway’ appears on The Word Alive’s third album ‘Real.’, which is out now through Fearless

Celldweller – ‘Down to Earth’
Celldweller is back with his latest effort from ‘End of an Empire (Chapter 02: Love),’ with the new song, ‘Down to Earth’.
The hard-hitting electronic rocker is equal parts funky and aggressive, giving you as much opportunity to dance as you can headbang.
The epic 7-minute track is a roller coaster ride filled with heavy guitars, blasting drums, gritty synthesizers and monstrous vocals.

We Are The Ocean – ‘Ark’ – New Album Coming Soon
There’s A Brand New We Are The Ocean Album Coming Next Year
Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but album four is just around the corner.
‘Ark’ will be released on March 16 via Hassle Records.

Attila – ‘Proving Grounds’ – Official Music Video
Take your opinion and stick it right up in your motherfuckin ass
Angry? Controversial? Here’s The New Attila Video.
Attila recently released their new album ‘Guilty Pleasure’ via Razor & Tie

While She Sleeps – ‘Four Walls’ – New Video
Stop What You’re Doing: There’s A New While She Sleeps Video Online
Turn it up loud. Mosh. Break stuff. Repeat.
‘Four Walls’ is taken from While She Sleeps’ forthcoming new album ‘Brainwashed’, which is due out on March 23

Mallory Knox – ‘When Are We Waking Up?’ – New Video
Mallory Knox Have Released An Appropriately Dreamy Video For ‘When Are We Waking Up?’
The track is taken from the band’s new album ‘Asymmetry’

News from DJ Oela as featured in his LIVE show 22/11/2014

Soundgarden Unveil Lost Song – ‘Kristi’ (and Plan ‘Ultramega OK’ Reissue)
Soundgarden will release the three-disc rarities collection ‘Echo of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across The Path’ on Monday (Nov. 24). The effort contains the already released songs ‘Storm,‘ and ‘Twin Tower,’ but the band unveiled another offering from the album today, releasing the new track ‘Kristi.’

Periphery Unleash New Track – ‘The Scourge’
After recently announcing the release of albums ‘Juggernaut: Alpha’ and ‘Juggernaut: Omega’ on Jan. 27, Periphery have now unveiled a new song, ‘The Scourge,’ from ‘Juggernaut: Alpha.’
Guitarist Mark Holcomb says, “After a year of hard work on our two new albums, ‘Juggernaut: Alpha’ and ‘Juggernaut: Omega,’ we’re excited to be able to share the first look at music from either album,” “‘The Scourge’ shows off a darker, more brooding side of the first album, ‘Alpha,’ and it touches on some of the melodic and lyrical themes referenced throughout the two albums. Enjoy!”

The Pretty Reckless – ‘House On A Hill’ – Official Music Video
The Pretty Reckless have unveiled a video for their new single ‘House on a Hill.’ The black and white clip uses war footage combined with disturbing and iconic historical images.
‘House on a Hill’ is the fourth single taken from their latest album ‘Going To Hell.’

Taking Back Sunday – ‘All The Way’ – Official Music Video
There’s a new live video for ‘All The Way’. Enjoy

Angels & Airwaves Aim For The Stars With New Song – ‘Bullets In The Wind’
‘The Dream Walker’ is coming. Here’s another big, spacey slice of it.
Music video for Bullets In The Wind (Audio) performed by Angels & Airwaves.

Emarosa – ‘People Like Me, We Just Don’t’ – Official Music Video
Emarosa have debuted a new music video for “People Like Me, We Just Don’t Play,” which is taken from their comeback album, Versus.

Avion Roe Release New Song – ‘Jettison Tears’
Avion Roe have debuted a new song, titled “Jettison Tears,” which is taken from their upcoming full-length album, In Separation.”
(I really really like this song)

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The Defiled – ‘Five Minutes’ – Official Video
Ahead of their UK headliner tour which kicks off in Nottingham next Monday, The Defiled have posted their brand new video for the song ‘Five Minutes’.
Featuring the newly recorded, full band version of the acoustic song that originally appeared on album ‘Daggers’, ‘Five Minutes’ combines stunning footage shot during their trip to Greenland (where they became the first band to ever play a live gig on a floating, moving iceberg), cut with tributes from fans who have lost loved ones.
“Five Minutes is probably our most emotional song, and the one most personal to me” says The AvD. “The day of filming was an emotional rollercoaster – bittersweet. So much sadness in the air, but also therapeutic at the same time. I think everyone there felt the same. It’s easy to look at people like us – metalheads, goths, whatever you want to call us – and think we are morbid people obsessed with death, that death is something we welcome, but just ‘cos we wear black it doesn’t make us immune to grief. The pain one feels when losing someone close is universal, and something no one is exempt from.”

Issues Stream Reimagined Version Of ‘Never Lose Your Flames’ Featuring Neck Deep
The track is taken from Issues’ ‘Diamond Dreams’ EP, which is out today. Speaking of the release, the band have said:”We had a lot of fun making this record, being able to reimagine songs and show that we aren’t just metalcore kids, or whatever you wanna call us. We are multitalented, and we aren’t set on one taste of music; we respect and appreciate all variations. Sorry it took so long to put this out, guys!”

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Suicide Silence – ‘Inherit The Crown’ – Music Video
If you haven’t caught Suicide Silence with new frontman Eddie Hermida in concert yet, their new video for ‘Inherit the Crown’ will give you a good idea of what their stage show is like. The clip gives you an up close and personal look at Suicide Silence in action, as Hermida unleashes his brutal vocals and commands your attention with his stage presence.
‘Inherit the Crown’ is the latest song to be released from the group’s ‘You Can’t Stop Me’ album. It follows on the heels of the singles ‘Cease to Exist’ and ‘Don’t Die.
Suicide Silence kick off their UK tour TONIGHT alongside Thy Art Is Murder, Fit For An Autopsy and Black Tongue. 

Red Fang – ‘Crows in Swine’ – New Video
Leave it to Red Fang to come up with one of the more interesting videos of the year. The band has a new animated clip for their song ‘Crows in Swine’ from the ‘Whales and Leeches’ album.
The clip follows the journey of a young girl who escapes with an idol from her village shortly before intruders raid the place with destruction on their mind. With the bad guys hot on her trail, she heads to the hills where she finds the Red Fang gods ready to come to life and defend her village.

AC/DC Get Their Game On With ‘Play Ball’ Video
AC/DC are back in action, even though that action is shot against a green screen. The band provides a performance-based clip for their new single ‘Play Ball,’ with plenty of sporting action filling the background. The clip features a mixture of old and current sporting footage, featuring a sharp-shooting pool player pulling off trick shots around a lovely lady; a female football league and sports-playing animals among other featured performers.

Machine Head Unleash Deadly ‘Now We Die’ Video
Machine Head have unleashed the video for ‘Now We Die,’ which is featured on their new album ‘Bloodstone & Diamonds.’ The seven-minute-plus video features the group meeting their untimely demise. Fans are sure to enjoy the gory yet cinematic quality of the video that’s complete with a bloody butcher, a firing squad, fire breathers and an appearance from the devil.
The clip is a real horror to watch.

Man Overboard – ‘For Vince’ – (Official Video)
Got me crying.

New Sleeping With Sirens – ‘Kick Me’ – New Video
Everybody Stay Calm: There Is A New Sleeping With Sirens Video Online
They shot the video at London Underworld in August, and Sleeping With Sirens have finally unveiled their clip for ‘Kick Me’.

Rise Against – ‘Tragedy + Time’ – New Video
Is this the most straightforward Rise Against music video yet? Maybe. Does it still rule? Absolutely.
Rise Against’s seventh album ‘The Black Market’ is out now

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Foo Fighters Reveal New Tracks
The band just released the studio version of the track ‘What Did I Do?/God as My Witness’

Fozzy – ‘Do You Wanna Start a War’ – New Video
Fozzy’s new clip brings hot chicks and hard rock together — as they always should be!‘Do You Wanna Start a War’ is the title track from Fozzy’s sixth studio album
The video for ‘Do You Wanna Start a War’ begins with hot, militaristic women bringing a group of bored youths to a Fozzy show. The leather-clad babes act as stoic security guards separating Fozzy from the crowd. The ladies also mime the female vocal hooks within the song. The clip ends with Fozzy, the ladies and the group of young fans heading to the roof of the makeshift venue. If you’ve seen the clip for ‘Enemy,’ you may get a bit nervous by the thought of a rooftop ending, but no worries, ‘Do You Wanna Start a War’ has a much different finale.

In This Moment Unleash Track ‘Sex Metal Barbie’
In This Moment are taking the next step with their ‘Black Widow’ album by unleashing the new song ‘Sex Metal Barbie.’ The track, the follow-up to their current hit single ‘Sick Like Me,’ is a solid showcase for Maria Brink‘s vocal work and she maneouvers from sultry and soul-baring to unadulterated aggression with ease. The song also provides some of that spooky vibe that In This Moment are so great at capturing, opening with what sounds like haunting chimes before a wall of guitar engulfs the soundscape.
Brink says, the ‘Black Widow’ album finds her turning her weaknesses into strengths. “I struggled with kind of fighting with the inner illnesses within myself where my psychological madness and I have always kind of struggled with different disorders and mental things and so the biggest thing that I was kind of always ashamed of or being embarrassed of was kind of that,” says Brink. “It is learning about embracing those things and letting go of being ashamed or questioning why it’s like that, or learning to fall in love with those twisted darker parts of my mind and myself learning my experiences or anything that I lived to bring who I am.”

Machine Head Unveil Fresh Cut – ‘Night of Long Knives’
With the release of their latest album, ‘Bloodstone & Diamonds,’ coming Nov. 11, Machine Head have unleashed another new track from the disc. Check out the video for ‘Night of Long Knives’
Frontman Robb Flynn says “I cannot even begin to tell you how proud we are of this album,” “It’s been a heck of a ride. It looked like it might not ever happen again at one point, but man, this album is a milestone for us. You’re going to love it Head Cases.”
Flynn continues, “Without getting too philosophical on ya, bloodstone and diamonds represent two of the hardest materials on earth, it is also a lyric from the opening track of the album ‘Now We Die’. In many cultures the bloodstone has been used as an amulet to protect against evil, and is the symbol of justice. Diamonds and are hardest natural material on earth (which is how we feel about our music), and it also represents the diamond logo I drew 22 years ago that has become the symbol for the band.”

In This Moment Unveil New Song – ‘Bloody Creature Poster Girl’
Ready for your next dose of In This Moment? The band has just unleashed a video clip for their new song ‘Bloody Creature Poster Girl’ from their upcoming album ”Black Widow.’ It follows on the footsteps of their preview track ‘Sex Metal Barbie‘ and their current single ‘Sick Like Me.’
Much like the previous releases off the ‘Black Widow’ album, there’s a dark beauty to the lyrical content and sound and a theatrical element to the vibe. As for the ‘Bloody Creature Poster Girl’ video, the clip contrasts what looks like a reflection from a diamond with the reflection of light shining off a spider’s web to begin the clip. You’ll also see video footage of Marilyn Monroe.
Plus, there’s a few shots of frontwoman Maria Brink sporting some impressive nail extensions.
Bloody Creature Poster Girl’ is featured on In This Moment’s upcoming ‘Black Widow’ disc. The album drops Nov. 17

Buckcherry Reveal Energetic Video for ‘Somebody F#cked With Me’
Buckcherry have unleashed an energetic video for their angry rock song ‘Somebody F#cked With Me.’ The clip is full of attitude and shows the band in their element, letting it all out on stage. It gives fans an up close and personal look at Buckcherry’s live show and it’s sure to get you out of your seat and waving your middle finger in the air.
‘Somebody F#cked With Me’ is featured on Buckcherry’s ‘F#CK’ EP,

Seether Unleash Hilarious ‘Same Damn Life’ Video
Seether have released a hilarious video for the song ‘Same Damn Life.’ The clip shows the trio as elderly men spicing up things at the ‘Seether Hills Retirement Home.’
The trio look the part in the funny video wearing pastel colors and plaid clothing while frontman Shaun Morgan rocks a ‘Boobies and Ranch’ hat. The clip takes a turn after the second chorus when exotic dancers storm the retirement home twerking, to the delight of the men, and encouraging the older ladies to let loose.
‘Same Damn Life’ is the melodic and catchy single from the South African band’s sixth studio album ‘Isolate and Medicate,’ which was released back in July.

Glamour Of The Kill – ‘Lights Down’ Music Video
Chains. Ladies. Champage. Cages. Champagne. Glamour Of The Kill.
Glamour Of The Kill release their new EP ‘After Hours’, on November 17.

From Indian Lakes – “Am I Alive” Video
From Indian Lakes is an American indie rock band founded by Joey Vannucchi in early 2009.
In the music video you can see Joey singing under water. The song’s called ‘Am I Alive’. YOU WON’T BE FOR LONG IF YOU STAY DOWN THERE, MATE!
‘Am I Alive’ is taken from their cracking new album ‘Absent Sounds’.

This Wild Life – ’405′
’405′ by This Wild Life from the album ‘Clouded,’
The promo clip for ’405′ sees loads of peeps holding up a MASSIVE CLOUD with the song lyrics on them. Brilliant.

Crown The Empire – ‘Bloodline’ – Official Music Video

Knuckle Puck – ‘Oak Street’ – Live Music Video
Knuckle Puck’s New Video For ‘Oak Street’ is really Knuckle Pucking great!

PVRIS – ‘Smoke’
This isn’t violence this is just a war in my head,
I give it time but it never seems to end.
I feel a fire in the back of my throat,
So let’s get covered in flames and play some games with the smoke.
You said “don’t you try to run right now, ’cause baby I could burn you down.”

‘Smoke’ from the band PVRIS from their new album “White Noise”
**PVRIS=PARIS (the “V” is sort of an upside-down “A”)

News from DJ Oela as featured in his LIVE shows 18/10/2014 to 29/10/2014

Theory of a Deadman – ‘Savages’ featuring Alice Cooper – New Video
Canadian rockers Theory of a Deadman have just unveiled the video for the title track from their latest album ‘Savages.’ The clip features iconic rocker Alice Cooper delivering a spoken word message about today’s children and our global future.
In the movie, Alice Cooper jumps on the track at the bridge, before the blazing guitar solo. He delivers a spoken word message: “Time after time we never learn from our mistakes / When we will realize we’re all just the same / We’re all humans fighting human nature to stay alive / We’re predators teaching our children to be just like us / To fear and hate like us / Will we ever realize we’re just savages? / God save us all.”
Brilliant. I like the song and I like the music video.

Attika 7 Release Fiery ‘Darkest Day’ Lyric Video
The flames have been simmering for some time, and now the smoke is ready to clear on Attika 7‘s new ‘Darkest Day’ video.
Attika 7 are currently working on a new studio album, but have decided to get a jump on things by issuing the ‘Darkest Day’ song and lyric video.
Vocalist Evan Seinfeld says, “Attika 7 is proud to release ‘Darkest Day’ to the masses. This is easily our heaviest track to date. We think a lot of people are going to be very surprised about the sound, the energy and the musicianship. We have been working harder than ever to take our music to the next level.” He adds of the track, “This is the ultimate revenge song about the wheel of Karma coming full circle and the hand of fate, whether by our hands or yours delivering some real justice. Too many people think there are no consequences to their actions, and revenge, a dish best served cold, can taste so sweet. When someone has done you wrong, you don’t always get to pay them back and when someone takes something from you, something must be done! The weak will beg for mercy and receive NONE, if Attika 7 has anything to say about it.”

Hellyeah Unleash New Single – ‘Moth’
Hellyeah have unleashed the new single ‘Moth’ from their latest album, ‘Blood for Blood.’ The track is one of the standout cuts on the disc.
Singer Chad Gray tell us that the song is about people who have addictive or compulsive behaviors and can’t get out of bad situations. “It’s like being a moth to a flame,” says Gray. “You can get burned up, but you’re attracted, you have to do it, it’s your animal instinct.” We’ll let him explain the song in more detail by himself…
and after that comes the song, ‘Moth’

Foo Fighters Unleash New Single – ‘Something From Nothing’
The wait is over! Foo Fighters are officially back with new music as the band unleashed the brand new single ‘Something From Nothing’ to the delight of many.
The track is featured on the band’s upcoming ‘Sonic Highways’ album that will be in stores Nov. 10

Otherwise Light Up the Night With ‘Darker Side of the Moon’ Video
Otherwise‘s latest single ‘Darker Side of the Moon’ is climbing the rock singles chart, and now the band has unleashed the official video for the track. The clip features the band performing on a rooftop at night with the Los Angeles skyline as a backdrop.

I.N.C. – ‘Stirring the Flock’ – Lyric Video Premiere
INC (Indestructible Noise Command) has released its brutal album opener from their new album, ‘Black Hearse Serenade’. Stirring the Flock opens the record by grabbing the listener by the throat and never letting go. HEADS DOWN, YOU’LL GET WHAT YOU PRAY FOR!
Strap in and get ready to be pummeled.

Carcass Unleash Potent ‘The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills’ Video
Carcass made their triumphant return with 2013′s ‘Surgical Steel,’ and the latest video from that album has been released. ‘The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills’ is mainly a performance clip.

Fall Out Boy – ‘Centuries’ – Brilliant New Video
Fall Out Boy are ACTUAL GLADIATORS in the superb clip for their new single, ‘Centuries’.

Fall Out Boy – ‘Immortals’ – New Track
After weeks of teasing and clues, Fall Out Boy have finally let the world hear their new track ‘Immortals’. It’s taken from the upcoming Disney film ‘Big Hero 6′.


News from DJ Oela as featured in his LIVE show 01/10/2014

Mastodon Unleash an Army of Twerkers in Video for ‘The Motherload’
Just as we thought the whole world was sick of twerking, the metal titans of Mastodon have single-handedly brought it back. For the band’s new video for ‘The Motherload,’ Mastodon recruited some of the world’s greatest booty shakers and mixed them together. Out of nowhere, female butts begin twerking while a slave-like character carries a giant bell on his back. The twerking never truly stops from this point onward, but hey, we’re not complaining. The cast of twerkers almost act as a flash mob, interrupting each scene with jiggling derrieres.
All in all, the video is pretty awesome and is one you won’t soon forget. It’s probably best not to watch the new Mastodon video at school / work / in front of your Mum

Nonpoint Unveil Video for ‘Breaking Skin’ from their last album “The Return”
“It’s about addiction, whether it be food, drugs, sex, lying, or anything. That tends to turn into an itch. You can’t stop scratching it so you break skin. Then, you’re bleeding. You need to get help at that point and deal with it.” says vocalist Elias Soriano.

Three Days Grace Unleash Hard Rocking New Single ‘I Am Machine’
After ‘Painkiller,’ Three Days Grace are back to rock us all with the new song ‘I Am Machine.’
With driving guitars and powerful vocals, ‘I Am Machine’ tells the story of someone wishing they could feel more and have emotions about their current state.

Drowning Pool Unleash New ‘Bodies’ Lyric Video
The animated clip features a number of gruesome zombie-like creatures inhabiting the earth, eagerly awaiting that moment when “the bodies hit the floor.” It’s a very stylistized clip that gives a new visual ideal to the song.

Vanna – ‘Personal Cross’ – New Video
Rock musicians have been known to have rough nights, and you’ll get to see that on full display in Vanna’s new video for ‘Personal Cross’. In between clips of the band performing, the video finds Vanna frontman Dave Muise awaking after a hard-partying night with the last few drops of liquor from a bottle falling on the floor and a lit cigarette still in a nearby ashtray. So, how will the rocker embrace the day? Watch the video to find out.
“In dealing with personal demons and struggling on how to shake them from my shoulder I always feel like each one needs their own saving. That each issue is as great as the next. I’ve learned that there is nothing and no one that will step in and save me, no rescuer to swoop in and save the day. I create in myself a personal cross, a way to lessen the load, a way to cope. I’m a mess of a person but somewhere inside me is that light that can overthrow those dark parts in my life. Make your own crosses to bear the weight of your woes and troubles, you are your own savior.”

Adelitas Way – ‘Save the World’ – Lyric Video
Adelitas Way are looking to reach new heights with their latest album ‘Stuck’ and they’ve just unleashed the new single ‘Save the World’ to listeners.
The song has a more political point of view than a lot of the band’s material and that’s reflected in the clip, which features footage of war bombings, congressional hearings, military personnel in gas masks, political demonstrations and other striking footage playing out in the background while at least a portion of the lyrics scroll across the screen like a scroll on a TV news feed.
Frontman Rick DeJesus tells, ”‘Save the World’ is about a person who is unsure of themselves, who tries to convince others to follow his/her opinions. Everyone has to follow who they are to truly be themselves, but some people are so good at bullsh—ing, that they convince other people they are the one who should be setting the tone.”

AC/DC Announce New Album ‘Rock or Bust,’ Reveal That Malcolm Young Will Not Return to Band
AC/DC have just announced that their new album will be titled ‘Rock or Bust,’ and arrive on Dec. 2. However, the news is bittersweet, as the legendary rockers have also revealed that ailing guitarist Malcolm Young will not be returning to the group in any capacity.
He is reported to have dementia after suffering a stroke last year. He is expected to be replaced  in the band by his nephew Steve Young.

At the Gates Unleash First New Track in 19 Years – ‘At War With Reality’
Welcome back, At the Gates! The melodic death metal pioneers from Sweden have just unleashed their first piece of new material in 19 years — the title track to their upcoming ‘At War With Reality’ album.
The song definitely grabs you right off the bat with the driving drums of Adrian Erlandsson and heavy guitar work of Anders Bjorler and Martin Larsson. The track stays heavy throughout with vocalist Tomas Lindberg belting with passion.
Bassist Jonas Bjorler states of the song, “We have finally reached the moment for the unveiling of a first full brand new At the Gates song! We have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this record for the past year, and we are very happy to now present you the title track of ‘At War With Reality’. Let the journey begin…”
The ‘At War With Reality’ album is due Oct. 27 via Century Media Records.

Rev Theory, ‘Born 2 Destroy’ – New Lyric Video
Rev Theory are back to deliver an injection of rock into your life with their brand new song ‘Born 2 Destroy.’
Turn it up and crank it out as ‘Born to Destroy’ is a full-throttle, pedal-to-the-metal rocker featuring the aggressive but melodic vocals of Rich Luzzi. The clip features a number of animated stills of sultry women.

Billy Talent – ‘Kingdom Of Zod’
Billy Talent Have Released A New Song, And It Sounds A Lot Like This
They have a greatest hits compilation on the way, but here’s a brand new song from those Canadian chaps.

Heart In Hand – ‘Poison Pen Letters’ – New Lyrics Video
For me this is an awesome song that says that life is more then hate. ‘Poison Pen Letters’ is a song about overcoming bad things in life. Coming out on top and proving to yourself you can achieve anything you want.
Heart In Hand will release their new album ‘A Beautiful White’ through Siege Of Amida / Century Media on November 03.

News from DJ bucko as featured in his LIVE show 17/09/2014

Motionless in White Release Video for ‘Reincarnate’
The veteran rockers from the band Motionless in White are back with a new album and they’ve just unleashed the video for the title track and lead single ‘Reincarnate.’
The clip has the look and style of a 1950s horror film with a dastardly beauty leading the band into the woods on a dark night. She appears to have a spell over the guys as they are put to work digging their own grave while she gets her own amusement over the action. But things get weird when the band’s doppelgangers turn up to help bury the group alive.
The black-and-white old-timey footage is blended with some equally spooky color footage of Chris Motionless singing from a blood red couch in a notorious haunted Suite at a Los Angeles hotel. The group members can also be seen rocking in the suite, but most of the footage centers on Motionless.

Alunah – ‘Heavy Bough’ – New Video
Since 2006, British band Alunah have been giving us doom psychedelia heavy on the groove. Led by frontwoman Soph Day, the Birmingham band is rounded off by guitarist Dave Day, bassist Dan Burchmore and drummer Jake Mason.
They have just released an addictive new track, ‘Bough’ from their third album ‘Awakening the Forest.’ The voice of Soph Day is hypnotic and carried along by a solid instrumental section reminiscent of classic Black Sabbath.
The video is captivating as well, depicting a hermit-like individual roaming through the woods searching for natural additions to a special potion.
Of the setting for the video, Soph Day said “Elvaston Castle was the perfect location, and we are extremely privileged to have been granted access to such beautiful buildings and grounds. We hope you enjoy it.”

Live – ‘The Way Around is Through’ –  New Video
On DJ Oela’s last liveshow, he brought you the news that Live were working on a new album with new lead singer Chris Shinn. ‘The Way Around Is Through’ is the lead single from the new album, ‘The Turn.’ due out on Oct. 28. The video is a mix of live performance and striking desert landscapes, signifying the band starting their journey into new terrain. For the performance portion, the spotlight shines bright on new frontman Chris Shinn, allowing fans to get familiar with the singer, while his bandmates are more shadowy figures. While the vocalist has his own distinct sound, there is definitely something about ‘The Way Around Is Through’ that has a vibe that let’s you know it’s Live.

Celldweller – ‘Lost in Time’ – Song Premiere
This track features a mix of electronic club elements with some heavy hard driving guitars and brutal beats, accentuated by Celldweller’s atmospheric vocals. It’s heavy, but it will definitely move you.
‘Lost in Time’ is featured on the brand new Celldweller EP, ‘End of an Empire Chapter 01: Time,’ which came out yesterday


News from DJ Oela as featured in his LIVE show 13/09/2014

Black Veil Brides Unleash New Song ‘Faithless’ From Fourth Album
Black Veil Brides are starting to build the buzz for their new album with the new song ‘Faithless’ from the group’s self-titled disc.
The track kicks off with the sounds of hard-driving guitars accentuated by the sound of a giant clock bell ringing during the intro.
“Even when I fall down to my knees / I never say a prayer I don’t believe,” belts the vocalist in the chorus, adding that he never wants to be the faithless one.
‘Faithless’ comes from Black Veil Brides’ self-titled fourth album. The disc has generated such a buzz amongst the band’s fans that the group will push up the release a day early to Oct. 27.

Live Unleash New Song ‘The Way Around Is Through’ From Upcoming ‘The Turn’ Album
After the announcement a couple weeks ago that Live were returning with a new singer and the new album ‘The Turn’ on Oct. 28, the band has unveiled a new single.
‘The Way Around Is Through’ has that vintage Live sound. Like their biggest hits from back in the ’90s, it has both dramatic tension and plenty of memorable hooks.
‘The Turn’ is Live’s first studio album since 2006′s ‘Songs From Black Mountain.’
Watch the video above in the 17/09/2014 News
I really like this song :)

Mushroomhead Unveil Brutal New ‘Out of My Mind’ Video
Mushroomhead are back with a brutal new video for ‘Out of My Mind.’ The masked band, who are known for their creepy imagery in their videos, did not shy away on this one, delivering some fairly graphic imagery.
The politically-charged and violent clip will likely make some turn away from the screen, especially during the torture scenes complete with back piercings, blood spattering and water boarding. However most of the clip centers on the war room and a press conference spelling out the issues at hand.
‘Out of My Mind’ is featured on Mushroomhead’s seventh studio album ‘The Righteous & the Butterfly,’ which was released back in May. The video follows in the footsteps of their recent clip for ‘QWERTY.’

News from DJ Oela as featured in his LIVE show 10/09/2014

Limp Bizkit Unleash ‘Endless Slaughter’ Video
If you thought ‘Endless Slaughter‘ was an odd track for Limp Bizkit, just wait until you see the brand new video for the song.
Much like the track itself, the video switches gears each time the sound shifts. The video opens with an extreme close-up of Fred Durst as he belts the in-your-face lyrics to the opening part of ‘Endless Slaughter’ while making his way through a crowded audience on the band’s European tour.
From there, the song shifts gears into a more chilled out vibe, with the focus centered on a riverside early-morning stroll. As the tempo picks up again, you see a darkened figure running through the dimly lit brick-covered streets like a madman on the loose, and the clip ends with drummer Sam Otto entering a venue, taking his place behind the kit and providing a funky beat for the track’s latter portion.
If you think the song sounds a little different than what we’ve come to expect from Limp Bizkit, you’re not the only one. Durst said, “It’s a little crazier than usual. It’s more off the wall. It’s hard to explain, but I think this will be the one which changes the way we make music from here on out.”
‘Endless Slaughter’ is expected to appear on Limp Bizkit’s long-awaited ‘Stampede of the Disco Elephants’ album.

Trapt – ‘Headstrong’ (Acoustic)
Trapt are ready to unleash ’The Acoustic Collection’ in September, and bring you this premiere of the unplugged version of their biggest hit, ‘Headstrong’.
The track first put Trapt on the musical map, as the song skyrocketed straight to No. 1 on both the Modern Rock and Mainstream Rock charts. From there, the doors opened for Trapt, who have delivered a steady stream of hard rock radio hits over the past decade.
Frontman Chris Taylor Brown says, “‘The Acoustic Collection’ really focuses on the songs we have written throughout the years. I think by stripping every song down to the basic instruments, it really allows the emotion in each song to be felt. We have played acoustic sets at radio stations, meet and greets with fans and have even done a few full acoustic shows and with each performance, our fans asked for an album of acoustic songs. I really feel like we delivered exactly what they had in mind.”
He adds, “This album is definitely the most organic sounding album we have ever done for obvious reasons. We were able to create an album that breathes and moves without the aid of too much production, just natural instruments the way they were meant to be heard.”

Slipknot Unleash New Single –  ‘The Devil in I’
After recently returning with the song ‘The Negative One,’ Slipknot have now unleashed ‘The Devil in I,’ the official first single from their forthcoming fifth album.
While ‘The Negative One’ is pure brutality, ‘The Devil in I’ features clean and melodic vocals from Corey Taylor in its verses before he delivers the powerful chorus, as he sings ‘Step inside / See the Devil in I / Too many times we’ve let it come to this.’
So, stop what you’re doing and listen to the new Slipknot single ‘The Devil in I’

Sixx: A.M. Reveal New Song – ‘Stars’
After teasing fans earlier, Sixx: A.M. have revealed the full audio for the new song ‘Stars’ from their upcoming ‘Modern Vintage’ album, and the track definitely lives up to the praise provided by frontman James Michael. The vocalist said in a recent teaser trailer, “As far as a Sixx: A.M. song, I think that ‘Stars’ might be one of the best songs we’ve ever written.” He also called it one of the band’s most aggressive songs that gives him goosebumps every time he hears it.
It’s easy to see why Michael would feel that way as he definitely delivers in the chorus, with “Do you wanna see heaven tonight / Underneath those lights / It would look so beautiful / Do you wanna see the stars before they fall, see the stars before they fall.”

Sweet Lynch - ‘September’ – New Lyric Video
Longtime Stryper frontman Michael Sweet and Dokken / Lynch Mob guitarist George Lynch are teaming up for a new album to be released in 2015, but they’re getting a jump on things with their new song ‘September.’
The pair of rockers are debuting the lyric video for the powerful new track on youtube.
The song reflects on one of the most tragic events in American history — 9/11 — with the lyric video featuring a waving American flag serving as the initial backdrop before giving way to the words, which are depicted with city skyline graphics.
“The song ‘September’ was written as a simple reminder to stand strong against our adversaries and even more important, to stand united. Love conquers hate and that will never change.”

Black Label Society Unveil Piano Version Video for New Song  - ‘Scars’
The album version of ‘Scars’ from Black Label Society‘s latest effort ‘Catacombs of the Black Vatican’ is mostly acoustic guitars and drums. But the band has released an alternate piano version of the song for the track’s video. The clip shows Zakk Wylde walking into the studio, putting on a pair of headphones and sitting down at the piano to perform ‘Scars.’ You get to see some of his many guitars during one part of the video, and make sure to keep watching until the very end to see a blooper outtake.
It was really funny to see a big guy like him fall so easily and to see how clumpsy they can be :p

Exodus Release Ripping Track –  ‘Salt the Wound’ Featuring Metallica’s Kirk Hammett
Exodus have just unleashed a tasty new track from their upcoming 10th studio album, ‘Blood In, Blood Out.’ The song ‘Salt the Wound’ is sure to send thrashers into a frenzy, but what makes the tune even cooler is that Metallica guitarist and founding Exodus member Kirk Hammett makes a special appearance.

In This Moment Unveil New Single – ‘Sick Like Me’
In This Moment will release their fifth studio album, ‘Black Widow,’ on Nov. 18 via Atlantic Records. To celebrate the news, the band has unleashed the album’s first single, ‘Sick Like Me,’.
Frontwoman Maria Brink opened up about the band’s fifth album saying, “‘Black Widow’ is definitely the darker part of me. This album is finding the weakness inside and turning it into strength. It’s about being reborn, setting yourself free and realizing the balance in everything — the dark and the light.” She adds, “I am so ready and excited for the launch of this album. I think people will embrace its diversity and hear different sides of us that they haven’t experienced yet.”

Black Veil Brides Premiere New Song – ‘Heart of Fire’
Black Veil Brides will release their new, self-titled album, which was produced by Bob Rock (Metallica, Motley Crue), on October 28. In anticipation, the band unveiled its new single, “Heart of Fire,” on BBC Radio 1 today (September 7)–listen to a rip of the premiere below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Amaranthe – ‘Drop Dead Cynical’ – Song Premiere
Swedish metal band Amaranthe are set to unleash their new album, ‘Massive Addictive,’ in October, and they have unveiled their new song ‘Drop Dead Cynical’
The track has an incredibly infectious beat to it.
Guitarist Olof Mörck says, “The first piece of music to be released from ‘Massive Addictive’ is a very representative track. ‘Drop Dead Cynical’ is as massive as it is addictive. The result is what I consider one of the absolutely strongest Amaranthe songs ever!”
Look for Amaranthe’s ‘Massive Addictive’ album to drop Oct. 21 through Spinefarm Records
I like it!

Butcher Babies Unveil Rocked Out Cover of ‘They’re Coming to Take Me Away’
Butcher Babies recently revealed plans to release a new covers EP titled ‘Uncovered’ and one of the more intriguing selections they made was taking on the Napoleon XIV classic, ‘They’re Coming to Take Me Away.’ The track was initially recorded in 1966 as a novelty song by Jerry Samuels, who used the moniker Napoleon XIV. The song shot all the way up the charts to No. 3, but wasn’t exactly the first track you’d associate with hard rock or metal … that is until now.
Co-vocalist Carla Harvey recently stated in the press release announcing the collection, “It was a blast recording songs that we have been fans of our entire lives and putting our spin on them. We all chose a song that had some significance to us. My pick was ‘They’re Coming to Take Me Away’ by Napoleon XIV because I have a vivid memory of my stepdad, who I considered completely insane, playing it over and over again on his car stereo when I was a pre-teen. The song is about being taken away to a mental institution. I can still see him tapping his fingers on his steering wheel to the beat…”

You Me At Six Breaking Through in America – ‘Room To Breathe’
The British band You Me At Six are riding high on rock charts in the States with their current single ‘Room to Breathe’ from their latest album, ‘Cavalier Youth.’
I really like it.

News from DJ Oela as featured in his LIVE show 06/09/2014

Alien Ant Farm Pay ‘Homage’ to Musical Favorites With New Single
Alien Ant Farm are back with their new single ‘Homage.’ The song is a tip of a hat to their influences and features the band name dropping a diverse slate of artists including The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Police, Sade, Kiss, Beastie Boys, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder and Otis Redding, just to name a few.
Frontman Dryden Mitchell commented on the song saying, “’Homage’ is plain and simply just what the title says … an homage to various artists that have influenced me/us or at least provided the background to some good times in our lives. The song just had this wonderful nostalgic feel, before the lyrics even got added … and then it just slammed the point home. Whatever it does on a listener level, I know some folks will get it … immediately”
‘Homage,’ which is available on iTunes now, and will be featured on their upcoming album ‘Always and Forever.’

Chiodos Unveil New ’3 AM’ Video
Chiodos have released a new video. ’3 AM,’ it is the latest track from the ‘Devil’ album. The disc was released in April and landed at No. 12 on the Billboard chart

Nonpoint Unleash Catchy New Track –  ‘Never Ending Hole’
With Nonpoint‘s latest album ‘The Return’ that will be released on Sept. 30, the band has released the track ‘Never Ending Hole’ for your listening pleasure. The track, has a catchy chorus, memorable riffs and a tasty guitar solo
In an in-studio video talking about the new album, frontman Elias Soriano says, “Nonpoint’s music is very rhythmic … It’s gonna have something to sing along to. It’s gonna have something to pit to. It’s gonna have something you’re gonna want to jump around to and something you’re gonna wanna rip the person’s face off next to you.”

Charm City Devils  -  ‘Shots’ – Video Premiere
Charm City Devils are upping the rock quotient as they build toward their new album ‘Battles’ and they’re debuting their new video for ‘Shots’
The band went the live route for their ‘Shots’ video, taking the viewer right up onstage for an energetic performance of the song. The no holds barred track is one of the standouts from the ‘Battles’ album.
Frontman John Allen says “Outwardly, the song seems like a party anthem, but to me it’s more. Sure this song and video are about as Rock and F—ing Roll as you can get! But, to me it’s the band! There’s no outside songwriters, no overblown production, we are wearing our influences on our sleeves. The video is a documentary of the touring life of the band and lyrically it’s a plea to a close friend to please get help for his addictions before it’s too late. This is one of the songs that every night I know I have physically, mentally and emotionally left it all out on the table!”

Eve to Adam – ‘Locked & Loaded’ – New Video
Eve to Adam are all about the live experience and you get a taste of that in the band’s new ‘Locked & Loaded’ video
The clip is a high-energy clip featuring a mix of the guys playing live and a few shots of them at a shooting range. Right out of the gate, the track kicks off with some aggressively building guitar licks before kicking in to become a full-on rocker.
‘Locked & Loaded’ is the title track from the album of the same name and follows their recent singles ‘Immortal’ and ‘Straitjacket Supermodel.’ If you like what you hear, the disc is available at both Amazon and iTunes.

News from DJ Oela as featured in his LIVE show 13/08/2014


Devour the Day – ‘Respect’ – Video Unveiled

Devour the Day are digging deeper into their ‘Time & Pressure’ album, going with ‘Respect’ as their latest single.

News from DJ Oela as featured in his LIVE show 09/08/2014

Miss May I – ‘You Want Me’ – Lyric Video

Miss May I are digging deeper into their ‘Rise of the Lion’ album, and bring you the new lyric video for their latest single, ‘You Want Me.’
The clip is much more than just the song’s lyrics scrawled across the screen, as the band has used live concert footage to spice up the viewing experience.
“‘You Want Me’ is one of the most personal songs on the new record,” says frontman Levi Benton. ”When I wrote this song, I was relating to the fans because, like them, I’m tired of being pushed around and tired of trying to live up to others’ expectations. I feel this video symbolizes how we push those people to the ground.”

Wovenwar Unveil Hard Hitting ‘All Rise’ Video

About to release their self-titled album, Wovenwar have unleashed a hard-hitting performance-based video for the song ‘All Rise.’

Royal Bliss – ‘Turn Me On’ – Video Released

Chicks dig rockers! It’s science … or something like that! And Royal Bliss play upon that notion in their new video for ‘Turn Me On,’
The video stars Candelbox guitarist Sean Hennessey, who just joined the group and earns his stripes by appearing as the nerdy romeo who finally figures out that the way to his woman’s heart is by becoming a rocker. The clip follows his journey from doormat to rock god over the course of the ‘Turn Me On’ video.

Sixx: A.M. Deliver ‘Gotta Get It Right’ Video

After Sixx: A.M. gave fans their first listen to the new song ‘Gotta Get It Right’ they’ve unveiled the video for the track.
It follows the band reflecting on the idea that they’d like one more chance to get it right, while the plot traces the journey of a young couple dealing with relationship woes via social media and eventually, perhaps, getting that one final chance the band is talking about.

Pistol Day Parade – ‘Rockstar’s Girlfriend’ – Lyric Video

If you’re ready to rock, then check out this premiere from Pistol Day Parade. The band is unveiling the new lyric video for ‘Rockstar’s Girlfriend’
The band states, “This song is dedicated to all of the ex-girlfriends who we would take to concerts and while they were on our shoulders, they were dreaming about going home with the guys onstage. Here’s hoping they finally got that laminated backstage pass they so deserved…”

SycAmour – ‘We’re in Hell’ – Video Released

SycAmour are ready to break out with their new album ‘Indulgence: A Saga of Lights’ and the band has unveiled the video for ‘We’re in Hell’
The video is actually more of a horrific short film which contains some pretty graphic imagery. The plot centers on a seemingly normal dinner party that’s interrupted by a home invasion with the intruders breaking the monotonous life of those they’ve taken captive by making them feel using violent and extreme means.
Speaking about the song, frontman Jeremy Gilmore tells, “‘We’re in Hell’ is about feeling and circumstance. Struggling with reality is a universal human characteristic and one that we can unify under. ‘Nobody wants to be a rose’ ties in to the notion that we are playing the cards we are dealt. Within the universe of ‘Indulgence,’ ‘We’re in Hell’ depicts one faction’s idea of educating the citizens of The Metro on the finer points of what it means to feel.”

Slipknot Unleash Unnerving Video for New Song ‘The Negative One’

On Aug. 1, Slipknot electrified the metal community with the release of ‘The Negative One.’ The new track is Slipknot’s first in six years, and to add even more excitement, Slipknot have just unleashed a music video for ‘The Negative One’
Despite ‘The Negative One’ acting as Slipknot’s first new song without drummer Joey Jordison or late bassist Paul Gray, Slipknot still got a monumental buzz going with a series of cryptic teasers. Gray and Jordison were integral to Slipknot’s sound, but ‘The Negative One’ proves without a doubt that the masked icons have kept their sonic inferno blistering.
Speaking to BBC Radio, vocalist Corey Taylor offered up info on ‘The Negative One.’ “People don’t know what to expect from us and that’s kinda the way we like it. The great thing is that … ‘The Negative One’ isn’t our single,” Taylor says. “That was just a gift for the fans, like we wanted them to hear a piece of the album. The single comes out in a few weeks and it’s completely different. It’s more melodic, but it’s dark, it’s powerful man, its something different, people are going to lose their minds when they hear that.”
It’s got the spirit. The thing I love is that everyone’s reactions are very, very similar. They love the fact that there’s new Slipknot out. They also love the fact that it feels like old school meets new school. Like you can feel the original craziness of the early stuff but you can tell that the evolution has happened. And that’s kind of what we were shooting for, ya know? Remember I said I wanted the album to feel like a cross between ‘Iowa’ and ‘Vol. 3′ and I think we did that. Wait till you hear the whole album, because this story is so deep and so honest and so crazy that people are going to lose their minds when they hear it.”
Slipknot’s video for ‘The Negative One,’ directed by percussionist Shawn Crahan, is creepy as hell. Mixed with dark imagery and a terrifying female character, the visual element adds to the full experience of ‘The Negative One’ much like a Marilyn Manson or Nine Inch Nails video. After weeks of Slipknot’s visual teases, we finally know where they came from.

News from DJ Oela as featured in his LIVE show 12/07/2014

Royal Blood Let Viewers ‘Figure It Out’ With Mysterious New Video
Perception is everything! Royal Blood mess with your heads a little bit in the video for their new single, ‘Figure It Out.’
The video is shot in red and blue colours and focuses on a dazed young woman entering a shopping mall. As the video opens, we slowly begin to notice the people in the mall running for cover while security closes in on this woman with a blood-soaked dress.
As she’s cornered by security, she shows some serious skills fending off her attackers. Add in a “missing” sign and an attractive male pursuer that stops her in her tracks and you think you’ve got the whole story. But the title of the track should be a clue — there’s still plenty to figure out. Watch the intriguing clip below.
‘Figure It Out’ comes from Royal Blood’s self-titled debut disc, due for release on August 25.

Black Label Society Unveil ‘Angel of Mercy’ Video
Black Label Society are digging deeper into the ‘Catacombs of the Black Vatican’ album and giving fans a new video for the soulful standout ‘Angel of Mercy.’
I really like this song.

Suicide Silence Offer Full Stream of New Album ‘You Can’t Stop Me’
Suicide Silence have just unleashed a full stream of their fourth studio album, ‘You Can’t Stop Me,’ which arrives on July 15. Listen to the entire disc here on EmoTionRadio.

Motionless In White Unleash Lyric Video for ‘Reincarnate’

Listen here to the title track of Motionless In White’s third album due out in mid August.

Avenged Sevenfold Unveil Video for ‘This Means War”
Avenged Sevenfold fans are a passionate bunch and you get to see that up close and personal in the band’s video for their latest single ‘This Means War.’ The group let the cameras roll over two weeks of their spring 2014 Latin American tour, and the end result is the new concert-based clip.

News from DJ Oela as featured in his LIVE show 05/07/2014

Upon A Burning Body – Scars
Upon a Burning Body released two new tracks this week, ‘Scars’ which can be heard below, and ‘Red Razor Wires’. Both tracks come from their ‘The World Is My Enemy Now’ disc, due out August 12.

Suicide Silence Release ‘You Can’t Stop Me’ Video
The band is back with a video for the title track from their ‘You Can’t Stop Me’ album and things get a little close for comfort.
In the video, the group is shown rocking out the track inside a stone temple and things start off innocently enough with the members delivering a pummeling performance. But this is no ordinary temple, and much like a trip through an ‘Indiana Jones’ movie, the walls begin closing in.
The clip does conclude with a tribute message giving a shout out to the band’s late frontman Mitch Lucker.

Powerman 5000 Unveil ‘How to Be a Human’ Video,
Powerman 5000 have just unleashed their new ‘Builders of the Future’ album, promoted by the new single, ‘How to Be a Human.’ Now the song has a brand new video.
Filled with colorful lighting and in-your-face camera shots, the ‘How to Be a Human’ clip showcases the band’s always energetic live performance.

News from DJ Oela as featured in his LIVE show 28/06/2014

Theory of a Deadman – ‘Savages’ Lyric Video
Theory of a Deadman are a Canadian rock band. They just released a lyric video for the title track of their new album ‘Savages’
to be realesed on July 29
You can see the lyrics video here on EmoTionRadio

Devildriver – ‘Gutted’ – New Lyric Video
It’s about to get brutal! DevilDriver are digging deeper into their ‘Winter Kills’ album. With a title like that, it’s exactly what you would expect, and the lyrics play out, occasionally in blood splatter red, against a backdrop of animals feeding upon their prey.

Overkill release  ‘Armorist’  Lyric Video
Overkill have just unleashed the next piece of their legendary thrash career. The band’s 17th studio album, ‘White Devil Armory,’ is set for release on July 22, but you can hear the new song ‘Armorist’ right now.

Stars In Stereo – ‘Fall Forward’ – Video Released
Stars in Stereo are nearing the end of a virtual tour in support of their new album, ‘Leave Your Mark,’

Korn’s new song – ‘Hater’
Korn have released a brand-new song called ‘Hater’ that appears on the upcoming expanded reissue of the band’s 2013 album ‘The Paradigm Shift.’
Regarding the song ‘Hater,’ Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis said, “In the world, everyone has haters. Everyone has someone who hates on you ’cause you have something they want. It’s really, like, the first empowering song I’ve ever written. The lyrics are: ‘You can’t bring me down / I’ve already had my life turned upside down / I ride a downward spiral round and round / But I keep flying, I keep fighting / Don’t ever bring me down.’ That’s like the most positive s–t I’ve ever written.”

Dragonforce release video for ‘The Game’
The new DragonForce album ‘Maximum Overload’ will be released on Aug. 19, and the band has just unveiled the video for the new single ‘The Game’
The track features the group’s trademark melodies and guitar wizardry along with a guest appearance from Matt Heafy of Trivium.
‘Maximum Overload’ is DragonForce’s sixth studio album, and the second with vocalist Marc Hudson. In addition to guest spots from Heafy, it includes the band’s first-ever cover song, ‘Ring of Fire,’ originally recorded by Johnny Cash.

Redlight King – ‘Born to Rise’ (Acoustic) – Video Premiere
Kaz and his crew are in full acoustic mode, strumming through the track that takes on even more resonance when heard in this manner. The guitars are unplugged and the band’s drummer has even put away the drumsticks in favor of the brushes during this performance, which was filmed at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles.
‘Born to Rise’ cracked the Top 10 last fall, and has been one of the standout cuts on the ‘Irons in the Fire’ disc.



July 2014 is going to be a huge month for new rock and metal releases, so let’s get right to it with our comprehensive list.
Judas Priest will unleash ‘Redeemer of Souls’ on July 8. The record is the legendary group’s first album since releasing ‘Nostradamus’ in 2008. Fans have been rabid for new material from Priest and this epic record will give metalheads their long-awaited fix of Britain’s finest.
Suicide Silence will also offer an extremely important piece of their career in July with ‘You Can’t Stop Me.’ This will be the band’s first album since the death of vocalist Mitch Lucker, so the true pressure is on new singer Eddie Hermida, who once fronted All Shall Perish.
Other must-hear July 2014 releases include Every Time I Die‘s ‘From Parts Unknown,’ Goatwhore‘s ‘Constricting Rage of the Merciless,’ Rise Against‘s ‘The Black Market,’ Theory of a Deadman‘s ‘SaVages’ and many more.
Check out the full list below!

New Music Releases – July 2014:
July 1:

The Dead Rabbitts, ‘Shapeshifter’ (Tragic Hero)
Death Vomit, ‘Gutted By Horrors’ (Xtreem)
Desaster, ‘Live In Bamberg’ (High Roller)
Desecration, ‘Cemetery Sickness’ (Metal Age)
Drunk Dad, ‘Ripper Killer’ (Eolian Empire)
Eternal Oblivion, ‘Human Fields’ (HPGD)
Every Time I Die, ‘From Parts Unknown’ (Epitaph)
Guns N’ Roses – Appetite for Democracy 3D: Live From The Hard Rock Casino – Las Vegas’ DVD (Universal)
Illdisposed, ‘With the Lost Souls On Our Side’ (Massacre)
Madball, ‘Hardcore Lives’ (Black N Blue)
Rog & Pip, ‘Our Revolution’ (Rise Above)
July 8:

’68, ‘In Humor and Sadness’ (eOne / Good Fight)
Amberian Dawn, ‘Magic Forest’ (Napalm)
Angist, ‘Circle Of Suffering’ (Hammerheart)
Chelsea Grin, ‘Ashes To Ashes’ (Artery / Razor & Tie)
Corruption, ‘Devil’s Share’ (Metal Mind)
Dream Theater, ‘The Studio Albums: 1992-2011′ Box Set (Roadrunner)
Earthless Meets Heavy Blanket, ‘In A Dutch Haze’ (Outer Battery / Roadburn)
English Dogs, ‘The Thing With Two Heads’ (Candlelight)
Erimha, ‘Reign Through Immortality’ (Victory)
Goatwhore, ‘Constricting Rage of the Merciless’ (Metal Blade)
Hate Division, ‘Order of the Enslaved’ (Blast Head)
Iron Man, ‘Generation Void’ Reissue (Shadow Kingdom)
Iron Man, ‘The Passage’ Reissue (Shadow Kingdom)
Islander, ‘Violence & Destruction’ (Victory)
Judas Priest, ‘Redeemer of Souls’ (Epic)
Kruk, ‘Before’ (Metal Mind)
Monuments, ‘The Amanuensis’ (Century Media)
Mortals, ‘Cursed To See the Future’ (Reprise)
Origin, ‘Omnipresent’ (Nuclear Blast)
Pinnick Gales Pridgen, ‘PGP2′ (Magna Carta)
The Relapse Symphony – ‘Shadows’ (Standby)
Sonic Syndicate, ‘Sonic Syndicate’ (Nuclear Blast)
Starset, ‘Transmissions’ (Razor & Tie)
Steel Prophet, ‘Omniscient’ (Cruz del Sur)
Ted Nugent, ‘SHUTUP&JAM!’ (Frontiers)
Terminal Death, ‘Terminal Death’ (Shadow Kingdom)
Vintersorg, ‘Naturbål’ (Napalm)
Wolves in the Throne Room, ‘Celestite’ (Artemisia)
Wolvhammer, Clawing Into Black Sun’ (Profound Lore)
Zone Zero, ‘The Lost Legacy’ (Shadow Kingdom)
July 15:

Antemasque, ‘Antemasque’ (Navie)
Demonic Resurrection, ‘The Demon King’ (Candlelight)
Grave Digger, ‘The Return of the Reaper’ (Napalm)
Night By Night, ‘NxN’ (Cargo)
Novembers Doom, ‘Bled White’ (The End)
Lazer/Wulf, ‘The Beast of Left and Right’ (Retro Futurist)
Pennywise – ‘Yesterdays’ (Interscope)
Rise Against, ‘The Black Market’ (Interscope)
Suicide Silence, ‘You Can’t Stop Me’ (Nuclear Blast)
United Nations, ‘The Next Four Years’ (Temporary Residence)
Volumes, ‘No Sleep’ (Mediaskare)
July 22:
Bastard Feast, ‘Osculum Infame’ (Season Of Mist)
Corrupt Moral Altar, ‘Mechanical Tides’ (Season Of Mist)
The Dagger, ‘The Dagger’ (Century Media)
Echoes, ‘The Pursuit’ (Universal Warning)
Entrails, ‘Resurrected From the Grave (Demo Collection)’ (Metal Blade)
(Hed)pe, ‘Evolution’ (Pavement)
Ill Nino, ”Til Death, La Familia’ (Victory)
Keitzer, ‘The Last Defence’ (FDA Rekotz)
King of Asgard ,-’Karg’ (Metal Blade)
Overkill, ‘White Devil Armory’ (eOne)
Rage Nucleaire, ‘’Black Storm of Violence’ (Season Of Mist)
Vices, ‘New Breed’ (Melotov)
Within The Ruins, ‘Phenomena’ (eOne)
July 29:
Abolition A.D., ‘After Death Before Chaos’ (Pulverised)
Adelitas Way, ‘Stuck’ (Virgin)
Krigsgrav, ‘The Carrion Fields’ (Naturmacht)
Motorhead, ‘Aftershock’ Tour Edition (UDR)
Theory of a Deadman, ‘Savages’ (Roadrunner)
UnBreakable, ‘Knockout’ (Dark Star)

Dj Oela

News from DJ Oela as featured in his LIVE show 14/06/2014

Premiere of Volumes’ song ‘Erased’

Volumes are getting closer to releasing their second album, ‘No Sleep’
The band’s new song is called ‘Erased’ and it starts off on the melodic side, with a haunting opening before the crushing, heavy vocals kick in. The track itself offers the perfect balance of atmospheric beauty and heavy brutality that makes for an intriguing blend.

Judas Priest Releases Full Version of New Track ‘Dragonaut’
Yet another new Judas Priest track has been revealed! Just a few days ago, the British heavy metal legends shared a snippet of ‘Dragonaut,’ the opening track from Priest’s 17th studio album, ‘Redeemer of Souls,’ but forget the preview, you can now hear the entire song!

Seether Unveil Reflective ‘Words As Weapons’ Video
Seether take an introspective look with their latest single ‘Words as Weapons,’ but it’s more of a reflective look that dominates the visuals for the song’s video. The band headed to the historic Vasquez Rocks to shoot the video, which makes great use of mirrors and sunlight, as well as some very active body-suited extras. The video was actually inspired by the work of French expressionist Jean Conteau and his 1949 film, ‘Orpheus.’
‘Words as Weapons’ is the lead single off the band’s ‘Isolate and Medicate’ album.

Slash Unleashes New Single – ‘World On Fire’
Slash, along with his bandmates Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators, will unleash their ‘World on Fire’ album on Sept. 16, but you can hear the title track right now
Slash’s ‘World on Fire’ single is a scorching rocker with some impressive vocals by Kennedy. It looks like it will bring the guitarist even more success, already having received a very positive reaction so far via comments on YouTube.

Suicide Silence Unveils ‘Don’t Die’ Lyric Video
Suicide Silence‘s ‘You Can’t Stop Me’ is inching closer to its July 15 release date and fans can now embrace another new track off the disc. The lyric video for ‘Don’t Die’ has just arrived
The band is building up to their first release with former All Shall Perish frontman Eddie Hermida as their new vocalist. Hermida came on board after the tragic death of the band’s past frontman, Mitch Lucker, who died in a Halloween night motorcycle crash in 2012.
Though the music is brutal, the lyrics are particularly personal as Hermida belts out, “We sing these song for the broken down / The beaten up and pushed aside / You aren’t alone in this path of life / We sing these songs so you don’t die.”

Theory of a Deadman – ‘Drown’ – Exclusive Video Premiere
Theory of a Deadman are back and currently rocking radio with their new single ‘Drown.’ Now, the lead single from their ‘Savages’ album has a companion music video and EmoTionRaio is proud to present it.
The video finds the band in an old Western setting, playing inside a darkened house while outside an old time preacher rallies the local townsfolk to perform a baptism in an area lake. A young woman is eventually chosen to take part in the ceremony as everyone cheers her on, but there’s something a little more sinister afoot.

Linkin Park Releases ‘Until It’s Gone’ Video
Linkin Park recently debuted the lyric video for ‘Until It’s Gone,’ but now they have an official video directed by the band’s own DJ/programmer Joe Hahn.
The video (which premiered on Facebook and is viewable below) finds the band members frequently performing the song silhouetted with images projected onto their faces. Often the images are smoke filled or featuring dilapidated structures, with the occasional shots of people in despair. Add that in with the post-apocalyptic, haunting keyboard sounds laid down by Hahn in the song, and the video has a very ominous feel to it.

Mastodon Unveils Heroic ‘High Road’ Video
With the release of their latest album ‘Once More ‘Round the Sun’ less than two weeks away, Mastodon have unveiled the video for ‘High Road’ via Pitchfork.
Directed by Roboshobo (Green Day, Alice in Chains), the video doesn’t feature the band. Instead, their music is the soundtrack as a young nerd faces adversity and humiliation in the world of live action role playing. He trains so he can seek redemption during the climatic epic battle scene featuring foam swords and grown men dressed like wizards.

Rise Against Releases ‘I Don’t Want to Be Here Anymore’ Lyric Video
Rise Against are back, as the familiar strains of Tim McIlrath’s voice play out over the new lyric video for the band’s latest single, ‘I Don’t Want to Be Here Anymore.’ The song is featured on the group’s upcoming album, ‘The Black Market,’ due in stores and online July 15. As for the lyric video, the song’s lyrics pop up across the screen over several photos of the band. But the backdrop is truly in the background as the focus is on the lyrical content of the song, which shows a relationship in disrepair.

Arch Enemy Unveils ‘No More Regrets’ Video
Along with this week’s release of their ‘War Eternal‘ album, Arch Enemy have unveiled the video for ‘No More Regrets’ (watch above). Two other music videos and a lyric video have previously been released from ‘War Eternal,’ the band’s first disc featuring new vocalist Alissa White-Gluz and guitarist Nick Cordle.
In a new interview with ‘Loudwire Nights’ host Full Metal Jackie, White-Gluz talked about the impact of Arch Enemy’s former vocalist Angela Gossow, who is still managing the band.
“She knows exactly what’s needed for the band,” White-Gluz says. “Who can manage the band better than someone who’s already been in it? Been there, done that, did all the touring. Plus she’s been the manager of the band for a long time. So, it’s really a great situation that I have. Angela is still here working with me and the band because she has a lot of wisdom that just some other manager who steps into it really wouldn’t know.”

Godsmack Releases New Single ’1000HP’
After teasing a snippet of the song last week, Godsmack have now unveiled their new single in its entirety. The tune, ’1000hp,’ also serves as the title track to the band’s upcoming album, which is expected to arrive in August.


News from DJ Oela as featured in his LIVE show 31/05/2014

Black Veil Brides To Release Fourth Studio Album in October

It’s on! That roar you hear is thousands of Black Veil Brides fans learning that the band’s next album is now on schedule for an October release.The group entered the studio earlier this year with producer Bob Rock to begin work on their follow up to ‘Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones.’ Pre-production on the disc began in March and it’s believed that the new tease on the band’s Facebook page is suggesting that their upcoming album will arrive on Oct. 28, 2014.

Judas Priest Release Clip of Epic New Track ‘Halls of Valhalla’

Praise the metal gods! We’ve got a new track snippet from Judas Priest‘s epic new album ‘Redeemer of Souls.’ This new piece is from ‘Halls of Valhalla’, the upcoming album’s third track. Judas Priest have already gifted fans with two songs — the ‘Redeemer of Souls’ title track and ‘March of the Damned‘. Fans have been overjoyed with the new Priest cuts, but in this new clip of ‘Halls of Valhalla,’ you’ll get a much better look into how epic Judas Priest’s 17th studio album really is. “‘Halls of Valhalla’ — it’s more metal than metal,” says singer Rob Halford. “It’s just an amazing characteristic statement of the same theme of say, for example, ‘The Sentinel’ or the ‘Painkiller’ character. It’s just a very unusual song for Priest.”

Arch Enemy Debut ‘You Will Know My Name’ Video

Arch Enemy have unveiled the latest video from their upcoming album ‘War Eternal,’ due out June 10. ‘You Will Know My Name’ (watch above) has debuted via Metal Hammer. The clip was directed by longtime collaborator Patric Ullaeus and focuses on the band members while they are performing the song, especially new vocalist Alissa White-Gluz, who recently replaced Angela Gossow.
Not only is ‘War Eternal’ the debut Arch Enemy album for White-Gluz, it’s also the first for guitarist Nick Cordle, who joined the band in 2012. Guitarist and founding member Michael Amott addressed the changes. “Changes in the band lineup are hardly ever looked upon favorably by the fans, which I completely understand,” Amott says. “Nonetheless, it does happen and the changes that have been made in the Arch Enemy camp were necessary in order for the band to survive and keep going. I love the energy of working with new people and Alissa and Nick have certainly brought a lot of talent and enthusiasm to the band!” “My goal is to keep Arch Enemy alive and thriving!” White-Gluz says. “I want to open a whole new chapter for Arch Enemy, powerful and diverse, all the while respecting the legions of fans that love traditional Arch Enemy. Fans can expect loads of pure f–king metal.”
Arch Enemy just kicked off a busy touring schedule. They’ll be playing numerous European festivals this summer and have other tours scheduled for the rest of the year, but no North American shows. You can check out their full concert schedule here.

Tax The Heat have unleashed their new music video for the track “Fed To The Lions”.

The song is taken from the band’s debut self-titled EP, which is available now. The band have also this week been announced as one of the first band’s confirmed to be performing at this year’s Planet Rockstock, as well as supporting Black Star Riders on their upcoming UK tour.

Malcom Young’s Nephew May Be Filling In On AC/DC Album

Following the recent reports that work on AC/DC’s new album has begun, it is now believed that Malcom Young’s nephew Stevie Young will be filling in for him on guitar on the record. Stevie has been spotted with the band in Vancouver, where they are reportedly recording with Brendan O’Brien.
It wouldn’t be the first time that Nephew covered for his uncle either, as he previously stepped up to play rhythm guitar on AC/DC’s 1988 US tour, while Malcom was dealing with alcholism. AC/DC issued a statement on April 16th 2014 confirming that Malcom Young would be taking a break from the band due to ill health and that they would continue making music, albeit without him for the time being.
There’s been no official confirmation from the band as yet regarding Stevie Young.


News from DJ Oela as featured in his LIVE show 24/05/2014

Five Finger Death Punch – ‘House of the Rising Sun

Five Finger Death Punch have filmed plenty of music videos and usually have a pretty entertaining take on their songs, but for their ‘House of the Rising Sun’ clip, the band went above and beyond, providing fans with a full-on short film, complete with an opening remix.

Black Veil Brides’ Andy Biersack Releases Video From Andy Black Side Project

Andy Biersack has made quite a name for himself in recent years rocking as the frontman of Black Veil Brides. But Biersack is ready to show another side of himself using the name Andy Black for his new side project.
The first new song and video from Andy Black has surfaced online and it’s called ‘They Don’t Need to Understand.’ The verses fall more in the dark wave vein, while Biersack gets a chance to show the power in his voice once the uplifting chorus kicks in.

Judas Priest – ‘March of the Damned’

Have a listen to what Judas Priest guitarist Glenn Tipton has to say about the band’s new track ‘March of the Damned’ from their upcoming album ‘Redeemer of Souls’

News from DJ Oela as featured in his LIVE show 17/05/2014

Drowning Scare for Black Veil Brides Members on Australian Reality Show ‘Bondi Rescue’

After two members of Black Veil Brides ventured out into some choppy Australian waters, one of them was apparently rescued from drowning, and it was captured in an episode of the reality show ‘Bondi Rescue’, a  TV show focused around lifeguards patrolling Bondi Beach near Sydney, Australia. The program has aired for nine seasons, and during the season finale, Black Veil Brides’ Jake Pitts and Jinxx make an interesting appearance. The lifeguard who pulled guitarist / violinist Jinxx to shore mistook the two BVB members for females at first. “I had just come from a rescue at the other end of the beach and two girls were in trouble off the Southern side of the main set of flags,” begins lifeguard Azza B., “as I got closer I realized they were actually guys [with] long hair. The fellas were from a rock band, the Black Veil Brides. It kind of suits, because we did think they were both female when we went for the rescue.” BVB guitarist Jake Pitts was able to make it to shore without help from lifeguards. “The ocean is healing, yet deadly,” says Pitts. “You have to know how to handle it. That’s how I made it back in without a surfboard. I know how to handle the water, that’s why you didn’t see
me getting rescued on the surfboard. I know how to do everything. I can build houses, I can surf, I can play music, I’ll do everything. That’s not a lie either, I can do it all.” There’s no telling how dire the actual scenario was. Reality TV doesn’t necessarily depict reality, but check out the clip above and judge for yourself.

Of Mice & Men Unveil Video for New Single ‘Would You Still Be There’

Of Mice & Men have released the video for ‘Would You Still Be There,’ the latest single from their album ‘Restoring Force.’ Released in January, the album was the band’s highest charting effort so far, landing at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 chart its opening week. “I’m super excited for the debut of our new video for ‘Would You Still Be There,’” says the band’s clean vocalist / bassist Aaron Pauley. “Directed by Nathan Cox, who has worked with bands like Linkin Park and Chevelle, the video offers a peek into a present day small town set in an alternate post-apocalyptic reality, and its gas mask clad inhabitants. Shooting the video was a great experience.” Pauley continues, “Nathan and his staff did an incredible job with the imagery and location, and created a believable setting in an abandoned mining town north of L.A. Despite chipping my tooth on that pesky vintage microphone, I had a blast, and it was awesome getting to hang with some of our fans; which can be seen in the video’s ending performances
parts.” The band is conducting a sweepstakes to encourage fans to share the video. They are giving away prizes including props from the video shoot, t-shirts and other prizes.
Of Mice & Men are booked to play the Rock on the Range festival this weekend in Columbus, Ohio, before heading to South America and then Europe for more touring. They return to the U.S. joining the Warped Tour beginning July 8 in Buffalo, N.Y.

Beartooth To Unleash Debut Album ‘Disgusting’ in June, reveal Video for ‘Beaten in Lips’

After releasing the four song EP ‘Sick’ last year, Beartooth have announced plans to release their full-length debut album, ‘Disgusting,’ on June 10. The band was formed by ex-Attack Attack! frontman Caleb Shomo after he left that band in 2012. As to the sound and style of Beartooth’s music, Shomo described it this way in a recent interview with UK site The Edge: “It’s kind of wild I suppose. It’s fast, it’s loose and it’s fun. Oh and it’s very high energy! We just try and make sure anyone listening to it has a good time, most of all.” The video for the album’s first single, ‘Beaten in Lips,’ can be seen below, while the ‘Disgusting’ album is available for pre-order on iTunes. After playing one show on last year’s Warped Tour, this year they are on the bill for the entire run. The 2014 edition of Warped gets underway June 13 in Houston and wraps up Aug. 3 in Denver.

Bars & Melody – Britain’s Got Talent
A youthful musical duo, Bars & Melody combine cuteness and originality, charming the audience with their skills and talent with their song about bullying I really liked it and want to share it with you guys. They are so good that even Simon hit the golden buzzer so they can go directly to the finals.
They are talented and bringing a message, and for all the people out there who are bullied they will understand and feel what they are singing about.

Fine Fine Titans – ‘Fahrenheit Diaries’
The official music video for the new Fine Fine Titans song ‘Fahrenheit Diaries’ from their album ‘OMEGA’ – OUT NOW!

The Dead Rabbitts – ‘My Only Regret’
The Dead Rabbitts, featuring Craig Mabbitt and TJ Bell of Escape The Fate, have premiered the lyric video for a new song, ‘My Only Regret,’ on Revolver. The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album, ‘Shapeshifter’, which will be released on July 1 via Tragic Hero Records.



News from DJ Oela as featured in his LIVE show 10/05/2014

Falling in Reverse Feature Coolio Cameo in ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ Video

Falling in Reverse have covered ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ from Coolio a classic hit from the 90′s. Coolio himself makes a guest appearance in the band’s video for the song. The clip is a throwback to Coolio’s original video, with frontman Ronnie Radke sitting in a chair in a dark room in a face-to-face confessional with a female counterpart, describing his gangster life as portrayed in the lyrics. Radke is also seen rocking with his band, while Coolio stands by and poses for the camera, even going so far as to dust the dirt off Radke’s shoulders.

The Black Keys Stream ‘Turn Blue’ Album, Debut ‘Fever’ Video

Preach it! The Black Keys are back. The duo recently debuted their video for their hit single ‘Fever’ and they’re also now streaming their ‘Turn Blue’ album that will be released on May 13. As for the video, it finds frontman Dan Auerbach as a televangelist, getting a little sweaty while preaching the word of the lord while drummer Patrick Carney looks on. As the clip moves forward, the audience gets more and more pulled in by Auerbach’s preaching and the clip ends with some good old fashioned faith healing.

Escape the Fate Attempt to Rewrite Tragedy in ‘Picture Perfect’ Video

What if you could go back and change the past? That’s essentially the vision for Escape the Fate‘s latest video for ‘Picture Perfect’. The band’s members are shown at a funeral, both mourning the loss of a loved one and performing their single ‘Picture Perfect’ outside a church. The musicians are primarily supporting players in the bigger story of a couple torn apart after the death of a young woman. Frontman Craig Mabbitt sings about giving up his eyes and fingertips to see and touch the love of his life one last time, before reflecting with the powerful statement, “Would you have to die for me to see how to live?” As the sentiment kicks in, we see the events that led to this tragedy unfold in reverse order as the young man in the video attempts to go back in time to the events that led to the death of his girlfriend. The clip is a pretty powerful take on the loss of a loved one, as the video leads the viewer backward in time from the coffin to the morgue to the operating table to the motorcycle crash that
ultimately claimed the woman’s life. ‘Picture Perfect’ is the latest single from the band’s ‘Ungrateful’ album, which has already yielded the title track and ‘One for the Money’ as singles.

Suicide Silence – ‘Cease to Exist’

Suicide Silence have unleashed the lyric video for the blazing new track ‘Cease to Exist,’ featuring new vocalist Eddie Hermida, who replaced late singer Mitch Lucker.
“The title of the album comes from lyrics that Mitch left behind,” Hermida told us. “We were looking at the lyrics and were curious what to do with them, but we knew right away that that was going to be the title of the record. We actually had the title of the record before we started writing any of the music. But it was super fitting how the lyrics came together, what it means, and what the album really means.”
Hermida continues, “You know Mitch passing away was something brutal. It’s something you never want to go through, but you’ve got to push through. There’s five members to a band, and when a brother falls, you’ve got to pick up the family and keep it moving forward. I’m lucky to be here and I’m very proud to be here.”

Bloody Hammers – ‘Death Does Us Part’

Bloody Hammers are building up to the June 10 release of their ‘Under Satan’s Sun’ album on Napalm Records with their new video for ‘Death Does Us Part’.
The clip finds the band on a road with the backdrop of a ‘Dead End’ sign as a perfect setting. The performance footage is alternated with a side plot of a couple in olden times.
Frontman Anders Mangra says, “I wrote this song about a cliff in Western North Carolina known as ‘lovers leap’ where legend has it couples have leapt to their death over the years. Mine focuses on a couple who went on a crime spree of murder and robbery. The police were tipped on where they were, which ended in a chase to Lovers Leap. Surrounded by the police on the cliff and facing life in prison, they chose to plunge to their death rather than be separated in life. The video was directed by Robert W. Filion around Crowders Mountain, North Carolina.”
Though ‘Death Does Us Part’ offers a more gothically dark side to their sound, Bloody Hammers music also pulls from elements of doom metal, stoner metal and psychedelic rock. To pick up the ‘Under Satan’s Sun’ album in a variety of formats, check out the band’s page at the Napalm Records online store.

Linkin Park Unveil ‘Until It’s Gone’ Lyric Video

Linkin Park‘s new album is called ‘The Hunting Party’ and that concept carries over to their new lyric video. Unlike a lot of lyric videos, this one actually has a plot to go along with the words that are scrolled across the screen.
It is actually a video with words in it
The video opens on a woman deep in thought, scanning the skyline. As the clip continues, it’s revealed that she’s on the trail of a man while the lyrics about not knowing what you have until it’s gone play out across the screen.
Eventually the woman gets hot on the trail and the couple is reunited, though the feeling of danger is still in the air. Take a look at the lyric video for ‘Until It’s Gone’.
The song is featured on Linkin Park’s ‘The Hunting Party’ album. The disc is due June 17 and is currently available for pre-order via Amazon. Linkin Park will be on the road this summer, joining Thirty Seconds to Mars and AFI for the 2014 ‘Carnivores’ Tour.

News from DJ Oela as featured in his LIVE show 30/04/2014

Lacuna Coil – ‘I Forgive (But I Won’t Forget Your Name)’

This song is one of Lacuna Coil’s more melodic efforts, though it does have a dark side to it with Scabbia and co-vocalist Andrea Ferro. She brings a stroung amount of fear and anxiety to it. ‘I Forgive (But I Won’t Forget Your Name)’ follows ‘Nothing Stands in Our Way‘ and ‘Die & Rise‘ from the band’s latest album, ‘Broken Crown Halo.’

Arch Enemy – ‘As the Pages Burn’

There’s a lot of anticipation surrounding Arch Enemy at the moment because the group makes the transition from Angela Gossow to Alissa White-Gluz as their new vocalist. But judging by the band’s new song ‘As the Pages Burn,’ fans have little to worry about.
White-Gluz ably keeps up with the band’s brutality and handles the melodic parts very well with the vocalist unleashing every ounce of passion into the vocals. And for old-school fans of Arch Enemy, the track is as heavy as ever, with some hard-hitting drum work, slick riffing and some standout work on the guitar scales.
White-Gluz tells,”‘As The Pages Burn’ is one of the first songs I wrote for ‘War Eternal.’ It’s a really fast, fun song, and I think it contrasts nicely to the first single we released, ‘War Eternal.’ It’s a taste of more of what’s to come on the album! Enjoy!”
‘As the Pages Burn’ is featured on Arch Enemy’s ‘War Eternal’ album, due in stores June 10 via Century Media. Pre-orders for the disc are available at Amazon (MP3 Album). The new song follows the release of the disc’s title track.

Judas Priest – ‘Redeemer of Souls

The legendary metal band has unleashed a brand-new song, ‘Redeemer of Souls,’ and has announced the release of a new album of the same name. The disc will be the first Judas Priest studio album in six years and will arrive on July 15 in North America, with the title track showcasing the band in classic form. The song features Rob Halford delivering powerful vocals over a twin guitar attack by Glenn Tipton and newcomer Richie Faulkner.
So, sit back and enjoy the new Judas Priest song ‘Redeemer of Souls’, and get ready for the band’s new album coming this summer!

Fozzy – ‘Lights Go Out’

 Mushroomhead – ‘QW‘Lights Go Out’ is a full-on rocker with plenty of blistering guitar and an accessible beat that you can nod your head to. Frontman Chris Jericho tells us of the track, “Step aside and suck it Jay Z, Fall Out Boy and Luke Bryan, because the SONG OF THE SUMMER has arrived! I guarantee ‘Lights Go Out’ will have you rockin’, dancin’, drinking, partying and losing your clothes after the first chorus. The Fozzy revolution has officially arrived!” The vocalist also recently stated of the song, “‘Lights Go Out’ represents a brand new color in the Fozzy spectrum — dark, sexy, sleek, dirty, heavy and catchy as f—.”

Fozzy are hitting the road this spring to build the buzz for their upcoming album.’

The time has come for Mushroomhead to rock your world again! The band is preparing to drop their latest album ‘The Righteous & The Butterfly’ on May 13, and they’re exclusively debuting the disc’s lead single, ‘QWERTY’. As fans would hope, ‘QWERTY’ is filled with crunchy riffs, hard-hitting drums and all kinds of in-your-face attitude. And it won’t take long before you’re nodding your head along with this infectious rocker.
Bassist Dr. F tells, “‘QWERTY’ is one of those songs that is a anything goes, wide spectrum-style tune. From its inception, it was obvious that this would be a fun, creepy, unpredictable one.” (He adds, “The song came about around two years ago when Church and myself first joined ‘Shroom. Right around then, we were rehearsing for the annual ‘old-school’ show in Cleveland and our heads were full of nothing but Mushroomhead’s early catalog. It just so happened that we were in the pre-production stages of writing for a new album as well. The influence of the early ‘Shroom period is very evident in ‘QWERTY’ as it was inspired by songs like ‘Simpleton,’ ‘Ego-Trip’ and ’43,’ just to name a few.”)
The bassist concludes, “We wanted to fuse together the fun, dark keyboard driven sounds of the old-school with a raw, heavy modern twist. We feel as though we’ve accomplished this and couldn’t be more excited that it became the first single!”
You can hear ‘QWERTY’ on the upcoming ‘The Righteous & The Butterfly’ album. The disc is available for pre-order at Amazon and iTunes.

Nothing More -‘This Is the Time (Ballast)’

Nothing More are quickly rising to the surface with their current single ‘This Is the Time (Ballast),’ and the video for the track gives you a more visual representation of that struggle. The clip may be one of the wettest videos in rock history! The video is a mix of two worlds — one in which frontman Jonny Hawkins emerges from near drowning in the ocean while chained to a chunk of rock that has been keeping him submerged and another world in which the band perform while themselves being continually drenched by pouring water throughout the clip. As can be seen, Hawkins and Nothing More do eventually make it to the surface, but not without a fight. The San Antonio four-piece are making a rapid ascent into the rock world, with the band’s self-titled release set to drop on June 24. If you like the single, it’s currently available for purchase on iTunes, and you pick up more Nothing More swag at this location.

Wovenwar – Debut Single ‘All Rise’

One of the most buzzed about bands of early 2014 is Wovenwar, the new act featuring As I Lay Dying‘s instrumental members along with frontman Shane Blay of Oh, Sleeper fame. After spending the better part of a month teasing their new project, the group has issued their first new song called ‘All Rise.’ The track is an off-to-the-races rocker with drummer Jordan Mancino pushing the pace and plenty of masterful guitar work done by Nick Hipa and Phil Sgrosso. The song tackles the topic of having the chance to “rise again,” because of Tim Lambesis‘ arrest last year on murder-for-hire charges. Blay and bassist Josh Gilbert provide a more melodic vocal take on ‘All Rise,’ but the song is definitely a promising start from Wovenwar. They are looking at a late summer release for their debut disc. Keep an ear out for more coming from Wovenwar as their new album draws nearer.

News from DJ Oela as featured in his LIVE show 19/04/2014

Bad Seed Rising-‘Hey Kid’ – Lyric Video Premiere

Bad Seed Rising are an up-and-coming rock band hailing from Baltimore. The band was formed in 2012 and is a rock band with pop sentiment in it. Inspired by acts such as Foo Fighters, Guns N’ Roses, Lamb of God, Nirvana + many others, Bad Seed Rising throw some attitude in with solid guitar playing. Having toured with acts such as Halestorm and Black Veil Brides in the past, Bad Seed Rising promise to tour extensively through 2014.The band has just released its debut EP, ‘Charm City’ and on youtube they released the lyrics video of the new track ‘Hey Kid’. I would say look it up on youtube and/or look it up on my website.

AC/DC rumors
After a lot of rumors and wrong comunication in the media about the breaking up of the band, AC/DC just released their first official statement.The band states that guitarist Malcolm Young will be “taking a break from the band due to ill health,” but also makes it clear that AC/DC will continue to make music. For quite some time, it has been rumored that one member of AC/DC has been dealing with serious health issues. The band remained quiet about the matter, but since countless conflicting reports have been swirling around the internet the past few days, AC/DC have finally confirmed the ill health of Malcolm Young. It was reported on April 15 that Young had suffered a stroke, while a source reportedly close to the Young family claimed Malcolm could be dealing with Alzheimer’s, dementia or even cancer. The source also says Malcolm Young has had difficulty communicating and remembering “familiar faces.” AC/DC finally made Malcolm Young’s ill health public in the following statement posted on the band’s Facebook page:

After forty years of life dedicated to AC/DC, guitarist and founding member Malcolm Young is taking a break from the band due to ill health. Malcolm would like to thank the group’s diehard legions of fans worldwide for their never-ending love and support. In light of this news, AC/DC asks that Malcolm and his family’s privacy be respected during this time. The band will continue to make music.

AC/DC are scheduled to start jamming possible new material in May. Stay tuned for AC/DC news and updates on the health of Malcolm Young as reports are made public.

Love is blind, but never mind: just sit back and let Uncle Bon tell you a story of love and lust like no other can do with AC/DC’s song ‘Whole Lotta Rosie.’

Pop Evil-‘Torn to Pieces’ – video Premiere
The band Pop Evil are going deeper into their highly successful ‘Onyx’ album, and they’re now bringing you the premiere of their video for ‘Torn to Pieces.’ The clip, is a touching piece that focuses on the loss felt by frontman Leigh Kakaty as he keeps seeing visions of his father everywhere he turns. The vocalist says, “Digging up the past can be very difficult. Losing someone close to you has a healing process, and I choose to do it through this video. It makes me happy that this song is helping people like we hoped it would.” ‘Torn to Pieces’ is the band’s third Top 5 single from the ‘Onyx’ album

News from DJ Oela as featured in his LIVE show 12/04/2014 

Steel Panther – ‘Gloryhole’
I have found a new song from the band Steel Panther. As you already know, Steel Panther’s songs are almost all very disturbing and sexual in content. This new song is also like that. The title is ‘Gloryhole’ and it is very explicit.
(At first I didn’t know what a gloryhole was – I had a totally different idea about what it might mean…until I saw the music video of them on youtube. I definitely know what it means now.)
The music video is set up completely in a sketchy bathroom covered in graffiti with holes in every single stall. Although there are some hot chicks in a few of the stalls, the rest are populated by trannies, little people, frat boys, (whatever they are), clowns and a multitude of religious figures. Predictably, the video gets pretty messy. Check out Steel Panther’s new video for ‘Gloryhole’ on youtube but remember, you heard it first here on EmoTionRadio.

Three Days Grace – ‘Painkiller’
Three Days Grace are taking the next step in their music career with new frontman Matt Walst. The group recently unveiled their first new song with Walst, ‘Painkiller,’ and now the official lyrics are up on youtube. Three Days Grace are currently in the midst of working on a new album, but ‘Painkiller’ is just a taste of things to come.

The Word Alive – ‘Play The Victim’
It’s time to get “Real,” and by that we mean that the band “The Word Alive” have revealed that their new album title is ‘Real.’ The Word Alive are just starting to promote the album, and the song ‘Play the Victim’ recently showed up as the lead single. Now they have put up the official lyrics video on youtube.


Dreaming without understanding them
no clue to start with
a mess of scary thoughts
I’m not waiting for that

Nightmares that are so intense
in some nights they come through
a big puzzle without an end
at night I even start to believe in it

From monsters to people with burning heads
from hurting to raping
from torture to death
from incomprehensible to unimaginable
from being alone to being ripped apart

A liberation when I wake up
euphoric when I open my eyes and see the morning
a sigh of relief to lose the dream
and hope to conquer the fear again
to start the day with a mask instead of a tear

(filip boewkie)


Braxton Hicks is a punk band from Wales that was featured on DJ Oela’s liveshow on 11/05/2013
Check out their first EP “Never Kill Yourself” on itunes or watch the video on YouTube
Their second EP “The Bench” is due for release on May 31st 2013 on Link2wales Records..check out the video for “Gone Fishin’”
Quote from the band…
“We make music for fun. When it stops being fun we’ll stop.
‘like’ our facebook page
follow us on Twitter @braxtonhicks4
Anyone can form their own band. You Should Too.”