EmotionRadio is running another competition for the listeners of the LIVESTREAM.

This time the prize is the awesome album from Bullet For My Valentine

“Temper Temper”

Simply follow the instructions as before.


EMOTIONRADIO COMPETITION ANNOUNCEMENT Well listeners, we finally have a winner for our first competition at EmotionRadio. …finally…
In this competition, we asked listeners to tune in to the livestream of EmotionRadio and listen for the competition announcement, and then to tell us what followed. That was it, pretty simple really….so anyone could win if they were listening to EmotionRadio’s stream.
Anyway, the fist person to mail us at with the correct answer was one of our most active listeners and requesters of music on the live shows…. arthur loobuyck….so congratulations and well done Arthur, you have just won the new album from Black Veil Brides…Wretched And Divine. All you need to do to claim your great prize, Arthur…and I hope you are listening…is to contact us at EmotionRadio so we can get some details to send you your prize.
And if you missed out on winning this great prize from EmotionRadio…well bad luck…but don’t worry, our next competition starts very soon. Stay tuned to EmotionRadio for more details


when you hear this sound on the stream pay attention and win the prize (the sound after that you need to mail to

EmotionRadio Competition by Djoela on Mixcloud


OK listeners,
for our first competition for you, all you need to do is to listen to the stream of EmotionRadio.
When you hear the competition announcement, pay attention to what comes straight after. Then just mail us at and tell us what you heard.

It is THAT simple. But you will have to be quick. Remember, the first mail with the correct answer is the winner.

The prize for the first competition will be:

a download from itunes to your computer of the full new album from BLACK VEIL BRIDES….WRETCHED AND DIVINE

The winner will be announced on my liveshows…and on facebook and here on the site.
So……good luck, and keep listening to the LIVESTREAM of EmotionRadio

Hi listeners, and welcome to the new “COMPETITIONS” page for EmotionRadio

EmotionRadio now has it’s own unique LIVESTREAM featuring your favourite EMO, METAL and GOTH music specially chosen by you and me, DJ Oela.
To celebrate, EmotionRadio is running cool competitions just for it’s listeners. That’s right, you the listeners have a chance to win prizes that will be awesome…and all you have to do is listen to the stream of EmotionRadio.
I will give you all the details for each new competition on my liveshows on Wednesday and Friday, so make sure you tune in to find out how to have a chance of winning.
…And I promise you, they won’t be difficult to win, so every listener has a real chance to win the prizes.

For your chance to win, make sure you listen to the LIVESTREAM of EmotionRadio. When you hear the special competition announcement, get ready to follow the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS from my liveshows. Then mail EmotionRadio at and tell us your answer.
The first mail with the correct answer is the winner, and will be announced on my liveshows the following week, and posted on facebook and here on the website.

Make sure you are listening to claim your prize….otherwise it will go to the listener who gave the next correct answer.

So……good luck, and keep listening to the LIVESTREAM of EmotionRadio…your FAVOURITE radio.