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How to make an EmoTionRadio FOURPLAY

EmotionRadio loves to play YOUR music. That is why we like you to make requests.
An even better way to have YOUR music played on DJ Oela’s liveshow is to make your own FOURPLAY

    This is where you choose 4 of your favourite songs and announce them yourself….
    a bit like programming your own part of the liveshow

    It’s easy

    1  choose 4 songs

    2  record yourself saying the names and artists for your 4 songs

    3  then record yourself announcing each song and saying why you chose it, or
    why it is special to you

    4  mail your voice recordings to <> and we will do the rest

    Listen to DJ Oela’s liveshow on EmotionRadio and enjoy listening to yourself sharing your
    very own part of the liveshow with the other listeners of EmotionRadio