Interview between Maxime Solemn and dj Oela

Maxime Solemn is a young Belgian solo multi-instrumentalist creating music in his chosen genre which features a mix of metal and orchestral influences. He first came to the notice of EmoTionRadio when he released his single “Damage”, earlier this year, which attracted interest from around the world. DJ Oela chatted to the man himself about his influences, his processes in creating his music, his plans for the future, and his feelings about how we can all improve the world.
Since the interview, Maxime released another single “This Is The Moment”. Both tracks have awesome videos, also made by Maxime. I think we will hear more from this original and hardworking young musical artist.



Interview between Spartan and dj Oela

Spartan is a really cool metal band from the Netherlands, with their lyrics rich in stories of mythology and ancient battles. In this interview DJ Oela spoke with Spartan’s lead singer, Jeff, about their songwriting, their musical and mythical influences, and their dreams for the future. Spartan is currently hard at work on their second CD, a follow-up for their powerful debut EP “For Glory” released in 2009.

Interview between Wally_aka_Gotye and dj Oela on 10/11/2012

Wally de Backer aka Gotye had a hugely successful year around the world in 2012. He is a passionate musician who is a real artist, crafting his music just about entirely on his own, carefully choosing and adding his personal touch to almost every element of his songs.

DJ Oela spoke to Wally about the processes he used to create his beautiful music. Wally gave DJ Oela not one, but two interviews, after some technical problems at EmoTionRadio with the first interview. All of this between shows in his hectic 2012 world tour. A true gentleman…friendly, kind, humble and generous.

EmoTionRadio is proud to call him a friend. After this interview Wally went on to win worldwide acclaim for his contribution to music in 2012, winning numerous awards including 3 Grammy Awards. Well done Wally.



 From DJ Oela’s archives:

Interview between Paul “Antman” Paterson and DJ Oela

Australian, Paul Paterson, is famous amongst the world’s best surfers as an all-round nice guy, and as a skilful and fearless rider of huge waves. He talked to DJ Oela about the extreme sport of tow-in surfing, where a surfer is towed into SERIOUSLY huge waves by a jet ski, usually over reefs kilometers out to sea.

Interview between Cody Angel and DJ Oela

Cody is a successful and competitive long distance runner and triathlete from the USA. In this interview made while he was training and competing in Australia, Cody spoke to DJ Oela about his inspirations, techniques and motivation and shared some tips for people who would like to start off in the sport of running.

Interview between an Australian Aboriginal Tribal Elder and Dj Oela

Australian Aboriginals have a unique and very special culture they followed in almost total isolation from the rest of the world until the “settlement” or invasion of their country just over 200 years ago. In this unique and rare interview, DJ Oela spoke with Borong Wolgar or “Bill” as he is known, a tribal elder and keeper of cultural knowledge of the Wardandi people, an Aboriginal tribe in the southwest of Australia. They discussed Aboriginal spirituality, the unique boomerang and didgeridoo, the coming of the white man, and Aboriginal life today and their dreams for the future. A truly special interview.

Interview between Mike Silentts from Chomp Chomp Attack and dj Oela

Mike Silentts is the frontman and lead vocalist from the Canadian post- hardcore/rock band CHOMP CHOMP ATTACK. In this interview, DJ Oela talks to Mike about his passions, his influences and the message his band is spreading to the young people of the world with their awesome music…and it is a message similar to the one EmoTionRadio wants to share with it’s listeners.

This interview was only done recently. It is buried way down here with the older interviews because Mike Silentts and Chomp Chomp Attack have really disgraced
themselves since the interview…badly by not sending merchandise already paid for. So, EmoTionRadio cannot suggest that you support this band at all.
But…it is another good interview by DJ Oela for EmoTionRadio